Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wow! 20 weeks already

I am officially half way through my pregnancy! The first 20 weeks seemed to fly by and I am sure the next 16 weeks will be the same. The first pic with the floral top is me at 4 months the second pic is last night at 20 weeks.

We had a consultation with a new Dr. in Omaha Nebraska who has seen other women with the same condition that I have. He was able to calm our nerves and let us know what to expect. Lila is doing fantastic and she was at 68% for growth. We will be seeing Dr. Bonebrake every week from here on out. They will be monitoring Lila's growth, the placenta, and the cord attachment, as well as any bleeding or severe cramping from me. So far so good! I am on some restrictions and am just trying to take it easy. If they see any signs of the above we will be admitted to Nebraska Methodist Hospital. I am hopeful that all will go smooth these next few months.

Brian felt Lila move around last night and was so excited to be able to feel her. He said, "That is so awesome!" Those precious kicks are my security blanket and I am relieved and excited each and every time I feel her! Brian said I could officially buy something pink!! He is nervous about buying stuff ahead of time b/c of our past circumstances. I will go with a small purchase like shoes or a headband. I just can't wait to shop for a little girl!! Brian is already getting anxious about this "girl stuff!"

As far as me I feel excited, nervous, and HUGE!! I have been craving french onion dip with my potato chips and crab legs. But I am really needing Red Lobster's cheese fondue appetizer! That is my favorite as well as crab legs. Oh I wish I could eat those but I keep forgetting to ask the Dr. if I can.

The boys are loving on Lila all the time. Each day they hug and kiss her. Miles is practicing burping, feeding, and holding his baby. He always sees a tiny baby and says, "I want to buy that baby!" I laugh and say we are having a baby we don't have to buy one. He is too cute!


khepworth said...

OMG! Look at you! So glad to hear things are going well. I bet you were glad to get the Dr. you did that has treated others with your condition.

I'm so happy for you! You sound happy.

{Darcy} said...

Congrats on making it to 20weeks! Looking good... Darc

Anonymous said...

Yay for you!!! I am sure going to the dr weekly will for sure help you through each precious week. Hugs and kiss from all of us. Bridget

Anonymous said...

You are looking so good. I am praying for all five of you!!

Unknown said...

You look beautiful!! I am so happy to hear that everything is going good! I think of you all of the time...I miss you! Talk to you soon!

Elizabeth said...

Courtney- I am so happy for you! I'll be praying for you and Lila!