Monday, March 30, 2009

Thoughts and prayers

My thoughts and prayers go out to a couple from our church who lost a loved one this weekend. This is the card I created. The hardest part to making a sympathy card for me is the color combination. I was a little nervous about using Summer Sun b/c I thought it my be too bright but I ended up really liking this color combo.

Have a good week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a match

Owen is attending his first birthday party! This morning I had to run to Gibson's b/c I didn't have any girly wrapping paper. I came across this wrapping paper and knew I had a stamp set that was pretty similar. I came home and was ecstatic to see that it was a match! Can you believe it. So of course I had to make a card. So we are headed to the bowling alley at 2pm this afternoon. Owen is so excited. I also took a picture of his handwriting, isn't is the cutest! He is doing great at Lincoln and loves his new preschool but sure misses his "God preschool" as he calls it. Enjoy the snowy day. We are going to have chili tonight for supper. It is probably the last time to enjoy it, hopefully.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gloomy days be gone!

I hate feeling "gloomy". I am not a person that likes to feel this way and really for the most part I am a pretty positive person. I like to think anyway :) When I lost Graycee I thought that would be the lowest of lows but now that I have endured a miscarriage I can say that miscarriage is 10 times harder. I know that sounds bizarre but I am having a harder time with this last baby than I ever did with Graycee. I think in part because I received closer with Graycee. For instance, I was able to hold and love her, take beautiful pictures, and am able to visit her grave in Manhattan whenever I feel like it. I also knew what happened and why it happened. With this baby their is no closer, no answers, nothing. That sucks! I am sad, angry, and scared. I should be having a baby this week and I am devastated that this happened.

At bible study this week I was telling the ladies that I have been wavering with faith b/c of this emotional roller coaster. I know god is with me but I don't understand or frankly like his plan that he has given me. I know I need to release control but how do you do that?

So I am hoping this gloomy cloud will go away and sunshine will soon be here to stay at least for a little while!

Thanks for listening! I feel better!

Note to self: Typing and crying is a release :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Fun

The boys have been wanting to go bowling for a while now so we went to Pinsetters on Sat. evening. The boys had so much fun. At first they would let us help push the ball down the lane and then after they got the hang of it they would do it themselves. The top speed for the boys was 1.4 miles! The top bowler of the night was me partly b/c Brian was more interested in his speed than knocking down pins. He would say Okay this is going to be over 25 miles. I love the pic that I took with him concentrating on his form and speed, too cute! We had a great time and enjoyed family night!