Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here is my catch!

I could only download so many pics so here is Miles with his catch! A little baby catfish. Look at that cute little face (Miles not the fish :) He was sooo excited and proud about his fish.

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Gone Fishin'

This past week we took the boys fishing after supper! It has been really nice in the evenings to do this new activity. The boys have been having lots of fun! Brian purchased a bucket of minnows as bait. Here are some pics of the big event! Miles caught a baby catfish. I enjoy relaxing on a blanket reading a book and listening to the bull frogs. When they start "talking" Owen always says, "Who is laughing at us?!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Owen telling Miles about style

Owen: Hey mommy I am going to get dressed by myself, don't look.
He comes out with hands on his hips and says...
Owen: Mom do you like my style?
Mom: Yes I do you look fantastic!
Owen: It's for the ladies!!!
Mom: I just bust a gut, (the stuff that comes out of his mouth, oh my goodness!)

Miles: Mom do you like my style?
Mom: Yes Miles, you look fantastic too!
Owen: No! He doesn't look fancy. Miles if you want to look fancy you have to wear gray jeans(actually sweatpants) and white church shirt(collered button-down)

Boy, Boys, Boys