Monday, January 19, 2015


My family is full of expressions, opinions, and hilarious comments. Here is a few from last week! 

1.  Lila told toddler A, "Wash your hands!" "Here watch an expert do it!"

2.  I asked Brian if we had any dirty towels upstairs b/c I am getting ready to do a load. He sends Owen to retrieve them and Owen brings 4 folded towels downstairs.  I said, "Owen those are clean I need the dirty ones." In which Brian replies those are dirty.  I looked at him weird and he said," I thought they looked better folded on the floor than in a pile". 

3.  The girls just got out of the bath and the water is still in the tub as I am getting them dressed.  Miles comes in and says, "Wash my feet, wash my feet, girls!"

4.  I handed Lila a towel and she said, "Mom I can wrap myself, just go cook!" haha

5. Lila was sitting next to me on the couch and says, "Oops a tooty came out of my booty!" then giggles.

6.  So we have 1 bathroom upstairs and 1 down but no one likes using the downstairs one.  So one of the boys (not naming names) had to go to the bathroom and was taking awhile if you know what I mean.  Two of us were hurrying him and as he came out he says, "Just so you know my bum feels really uncomfortable b/c I didn't take my time!"

7.  I had scheduled a pedicure last week and told Brian, in fact have been talking about it all week b/c I was super excited. They are such a treat, right?! So I tell him that morning about my day and he comes home and I said okay, see you soon! Here is his text!

Saturday, January 17, 2015's just a weekend!

NO! Oh Brian, you have the wrong idea! It's not just a weekend! This is a group of ladies from all around the globe getting together to eat, craft, talk, shop, more crafts, more talking, and lasting friendships! My husband doesn't get this at all! Sooo, the excitement that has been building is that I will be attending...
I sent an email in October of 2011 to be placed in the lottery drawing for my name to be picked! It has been a long time but I am beyond excited to meet Megan, Kimberlee, and the ladies. One of my dearest friends, Abby will be joining me!! 
Don't worry, Brian! I have everything you are going to need for the weekend. I made Brian an itinerary for the weekend! :) I think with this plan of action I can make myself unavailable and really connect and enjoy the relaxing weekend, right?!

I will post LOTS of pics next week! Cheers to having a WHATEVER weekend!

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's organzing month!

Organizing is one of those words that bring me great anxiety.  You would know why if you have ever seen my basement! For me the basement was the place to pile, stack ,and box up everything that didn't have a place upstairs.  However, after 10 years our basement looked like a clip of hoarders.  We had a toy chest that the boys hadn't opened since they were 3 and 4! Thankfully we had some great help with our friends.  We purged about 1/2 of the junk in the basement but still have many boxes to go though. It's a work in progress and I believe each year we are getting better and better at organizing.  Right, Brian?! He would totally disagree with that last statement. LOL

I need an accountability partner! Do you? Let's partner up!

A couple of years ago I found this blog and it really has changed my way of thinking and I have kept up with a lot of the changes she has suggested! Toni is currently doing another 14 week organizing challenge. Go check it out!

Here is the schedule.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Re-launch, restart, and refocus in 2015!

Well it has been way too long and I have had several friend bloggers checking in on me. Thank you!  In all honesty it all just got to be too much.  I felt like I was just being a Debbie downer in all the medical updates that I got tired.  Sorry!!  

I will update 1-2 times per week and keep you entertained with our chaotic, crazy life.  Enjoy the ride, friends!  Did I miss something?  Do you have any questions? Want to know more! Just ASK!

Changes oh soo many changes!

1. I will be 4 years CANCER-FREE on Jan. 11th!! I have an Oophorectomy in Feb. sometime to get rid of those ovaries. I feel good and am incredibly blessed!

2. My children are getting older and out smarting their mom with their tech skills! :/
Owen is 10 (4th grader) who gets a charge playing Minecraft and Lego's.
Miles is 8 (3rd grader) who lives it up playing outside and playing ball with his friends.
Lila is 4 (Pre-K) who fancies make-up, dresses, and playing mommy with her dolls.
3.  We have been blessed to add to our family by fostering a baby from 4 months old. We will call her toddler A, for now anyway! :) Toddler A is active and imitates the other 3, loves puzzles and dancing.

4.  We have moved, added a dog, cat, and turtle to our household! ha-ha

5.  Brian is now a partner with his company and is enjoying fixing up his 1968 M715 Jeep Kaiser and dabbling in some woodworking.