Friday, April 22, 2011

1/2 way there

They have not been able to get on the computer, watch TV, play wii, or even play on the leapster. However mommy has had computer time (limited!) and TV time after the boys went to bed.

We are almost finished with screen-free week and it has actually went pretty well.  I am loving the time with my children and boy it has been exhausting me.  I know that once this chemo is out of me I will have more energy but WOW these kiddos are busy! :)  I love watching them play nicely and use their imaginations!

On day two Owen had a meltdown and said, "He was sick of it and just wanted to play wii!"  Well I can tell you today is the first day he hasn't asked to play.  He did sneak in some screen time at a friend's house for approx. 30 min.  Little stinker :) 

LOVE this verse it is a FANTASTIC reminder: Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from him  Psalm 127:3

We still have several more activities planned:

Put a puzzle together
Make slime
Make sugar cookies
Have a Fitness Treasure hunt with Easter eggs

Here are some highlights of what we have been up to!

 Lots of pictures were painted
 Don't judge the artwork just the painting!
 Playing "dolls" in the only boyish way :)
 April 26, 2011 is Drug Endangered Children Awareness Day and we are donating
a couple of blankets to a local family who is collecting blankets and diapers.
Playing Hullabloo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Screen-Free Week-Ready or Not

We are going to be participating in our 1st screen-free week and let me tell you I am a little nervous!
Just a couple days back I told Owen he needed to play outside and put the wii away and he pouted all the way to the door and then shouted, "This is the WORST day of his life!"  So I am planning ahead and thinking of projects to do so we don't have any meltdowns! Wish us luck! 

Here is some startling information regarding our children and screen time.  Oh and please know that I am one mom who really needs to work on this.  Since having cancer I have let them sit in front of the TV for WAY too much time.   This will be really good for our family and I am pretty excited to have some fun play time with the children and hubby!

I am praying for nice weather so we can do some field trips outside but here are some of the projects we will be doing.

1.  Put a  puzzle together
2.  Go to the trail with the bicycles
3.  Go to the ball field and practice playing t-ball
4.  Visit the Library
5.  Do some crafts

Please link up if you will be participating and what you will be doing to occupy your children!
I look forward to all the ideas!


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello one and all
We are growing big and tall

We have had some ups and downs

But this summer we will run around like clowns

Where? At my mommy’s relay

Want to remember a loved one?
Well leave it to us we will draw on a luminary, we will take a picture when it is done!

Join us in raising money, don’t delay!

We love and miss you

And those that join the team we can’t wait to kiss you!

You will see the link on the sidebar-Courtney’s Crusaders!

You can also make checks out to Marshall County Relay for Life and send to:

Carpenter Children:
email me for address (court_carpenter(at)hotmail(dot)com
Marysville Kansas, 66508

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IT'S PERFECT (with italian gestures of course)

Look at that spaghetti smile!!

I think she liked my spaghetti!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 8-Coat Closet

Well I only have chemo treatments every 3 weeks now and so I feel a little "normal" if that is even possible. My "normal" consists of feeling like I am just about to catch the flu, does that make sense to you? I feel tired, have body aches, and my eyes are always blurry. HOWEVER, that is my normal right now and I feel great!

So good that I am going to finish my 21-day challenge. I may not get to them everyday but I will finish at some point. I am thankful that Toni had these challenges and my first 7 still look fantastic. The challenges sure have helped my day to day duties. I can't wait to show you all the before/after photos. I also have viewed other blogs to get more ideas too. :)
I finally added hooks to the closet so the boys could hang up their coats and backpacks on their own! As you can see this has helped and has kept my floor clean!

 Before: Notice the huge pile of coats & backpacks
 After: The backpacks and coats hung up!
Close up of the hooks (purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond