Monday, August 31, 2009

Oops, has it really been that long?

Where does the time go? I can't believe it has been soo long since I last blogged. I have so much to say and show you!

My pregnancy has been rough for the first trimester. I have been super tired and really sick. I do not like feeling nauseous all day long. However the baby is healthy and growing so that is what matters. I am thankful that I have been sick it has been my security blanket for me. They say that if you are sick with your pregnancy than you are carrying a healthy baby! I pray that we are! We are seeing a specialist in Wichita on Oct. 5Th. We are now 14 weeks and 2 days. I know the tracker is wrong but they just changed my due date to Feb. 27Th now. I have gained NO weight! Whoo hooo. I only gained 10 1/2 lbs. with Miles and hope to gain around the same again. I will keep you updated more often! Here is the baby's profile and one with a little wave. Look at those little fingers, how cute is that!! Oh and we have decided NOT to find out the sex of the baby. This will be a first for us. A friend told me that life doesn't give you many "good" surprises why not have one! I loved this, how true.