Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy May Day!

This afternoon the boys made our neighbors May day baskets! They colored, put stickers on them, and filled them with candy. The guy who installed our door couldn't believe that this is still being done! He thought it was cute to see how excited the boys were about knocking and hiding! haha

Do you do May day baskets with your children and if you do leave a comment so we can check out your baskets!

Today we had our storm door installed and a soft water system. We are just waiting on the fenced in back yard!! I can't wait to have a backyard this summer. Oh and the grass is barely poking through the ground but it is one step closer!

Enjoy your weekend! I don't know about you but my May weekends are FULL already! Busy times ahead.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Throw away the toys?! It's tempting...

This is what my boys do most of the days when we are stuck inside. They dump ALL their organized bins into one mass pile and just play with the buckets!

So here is Miles shooting baskets with his homemade basketball goal! SWOOSH, in it goes! Owen says, "You really are the king of basketball!" and Miles replies by saying, "Oh yeah BABY!"

Can I just say I LOVE MY JOB!!!

*The picture is bad b/c of the lighting but their are 6 buckets on top of one another!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be GREEN and color with me!

Today celebrates the 40Th anniversary of celebrating Earth Day so we decided to do a GREEN kid-friendly project! Who doesn't have a bunch of crayons in small pieces? Well I have oodles and was saving this project for this special day. Oh and it kept my boys busy for over an hour peeling paper! I am sure most of you have seen this but for those that haven't here ya go!

So take your small used up crayons and take the paper off and put them in an oven safe container. I used this metal pan that was given to me and greased it up. Then you put it in the oven at 200 degrees and wait 30 min or until melted through. That's it! How easy!

We are also taking the boys to the Manhattan Zoo on Sunday for their Earth Day activities! You can find the info here. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Notice the freshly painted GREEN kitchen wall!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Lila at 2 months

Lila is now 2 months old today! Oh and yes she is a Carpenter baby! Oh and yes she does look EXACTLY like her brothers! How cute is that!

Lila is such a good baby! This little gal is calm and is always looking around and following her brothers with her blue eyes! In the evenings Brian and I cuddle up with her in bed and she just smiles and talks to us! The other day Owen said, " Wow mom, Lila is doing really good with her letters it is a miracle she just said aaaaaaa the letter A" I thought that was super cute.

Here are her 2 month measurements:

Height: 22 inches (39%)
Weight: 9 pounds 6 1/4 ounces(18%)
Head Circ: 38 centimeters (30%)

New Things I Can Do: smile (she loves to smile!) giggle (2x), Oh and she tries sooo hard to make sounds with her mouth moving but is starting to say aaaa, ooo

Favorite Things: sleeping, watching her mobile

Places I went: We went for a tiny hike and saw Alcove Springs (I love my moby)
Our first LLL meeting,

Special Events: Saw friends in CC, Had a BBQ with grandparents, and Cadorets are visiting tomorrow!

We are looking forward to spending time with my grandparents. We will be grilling outside, playing Mexican train, talking, and of course getting spoiled! I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We're Going on a Bear Hunt...

The boys and I read a book called, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen this week and really wanted to look for bears. As you can see the boys were super excited and started packing a lunch. I did some research and found a place outside of Marysville called Alcove Springs. Alcove Springs is so beautiful! We walked along the trail and could hear the waterfall before we saw it. It was a beautiful day with just a slight breeze and and as you can see from the pics it was breathtaking. I am looking forward to going back this winter and seeing the view.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Choc. cupcakes/blue frosting-APRIL FOOLS

This afternoon I told the boys I was going to whip up some chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting. All day long they kept asking me if they were done yet. I said since they didn't get them for snack they could have dessert first then supper. They were SUPER EXCITED!!! Instead I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes and colored the potatoes. What was funny was Miles just kept eating and not saying a word and just giggled. Owen on the other hand stormed off and said that was mean he really wanted a cupcake. I knew that would be the reaction of not having dessert so I made brownies too :) Enjoy the laugh!! APRIL FOOLS BOYS!!