Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday balloon Wreath

I was doing some blog surfing and found this adorable wreath on several of the blogs. So I had to case it (copy and share everything)! I found all the products at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. The total cost of this project was $22.06 and took me approx. an hour and half. I am very excited to hang it on my door for birthdays! How cute would this be for a baby shower/welcome new baby using It's a girl/boy balloons or school colors for game days!!!

To create this you will follow these directions:

1. A 14-inch straw wreath and be sure to leave the plastic wrapped around it.

2. Balloons- I used approx. 200 balloons that were 12-inch size

3. Floral needles- You will put the balloon inside the needle and push into the wreath.

Owen's birthday is in July and he is getting anxious for the big day! As he was playing on yesterday he clicked on the shop now and started copying the words on the page of the toys he wanted. How cute is that list!

Enjoy your weekend!