Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mmmm, she smells sooo good

One of my favorite smells is the after bath lotion. That is one smell that everybody loves and it screams BABY! Lila enjoys bath time and especially enjoys the lotion massages after :) She stretches her little legs straight out and will leave them in the air for a period of time! It is sooo cute. I should get a video of her doing that sometime. Here are some newborn pics of her in the tub and some from tonight. My heart melts when she is all warm and content and she sleeps so sound and peaceful! I just can't get enough of her!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lila is 1 month old

Lila is 1 month old today and I can't believe it! The boys can't get enough of her. They are constantly kissing, hugging, touching, and putting toys in her lap. We have been getting up every 1 1/2 hours for nursing and she is only awake for about 2-3 hours per day. We are starting to see her do some newborn things for the first time in the last week. She now can grasp your fingers, attach correctly when nursing, and is also getting her startle reflex. We are currently dealing with a clogged tearduct which is a new one for us. The boys never had this. We feel so sad for her but are monitoring it closely.

Lila had her 1 month check up yesterday here are her stats:

Height 20 inches (12%)
Weight 7 lbs 6 1/4 oz (9%)
Head Circ. 34 cm (3%)

New things I can do: Look at lights, and grasp fingers

Favorite things: Nursing and sleeping with mommy and daddy

Places I went: church, shopping, Dr. visits, etc.

Special Events: Visiting my family members and taking a trip to Meadowlark to visit the great-grandparents and Great Aunt Eloise (her namesake)

As for me I am healing and starting to feel like myself. The c-section was pretty rough as they think I ripped out some internal staples on the left side and so the recovery was s-l-o-w!! Brian and I came to a decision and I had my tubes tied so this is our precious family and we are very thankful that she and I are healthy! God is GOOD! We are looking foward to the next phase of life with our children!

I will try to find more time to blog but life is pretty busy right now as you can imagine :)