Sunday, April 5, 2009

How did you spend Palm Sunday???

This morning we went to Sunday school where we are studying "Fireproof" which is excellent. Then we went to church as dad was ushering. The boys played follow the leader with palm leaves and then went to play time while dad and I enjoyed the service. We decided to eat at the Mexican restaraunt after church which by the way was packed. We had never went after church before.

Then we came home and Miles and I took our Sunday nap. While dad cleaned and Owen played with play-dough. Daddy was sitting down relaxing when Owen and Miles started fanning him. I had to take a pic. We have it soo rough :)

Have a good week!


Melissa said...

ahhh thats the life. However I have a feeling that this is what Brian should be doing for you!!!

Tiffany said...

That's great. Brian 'deserved' that after doing his 2 loads of laundry, lol. Love the cowboy pants, hehe.

Unknown said...

Can I borrow those boys and their Palms? I WILL give them back-promise:) We didn't go to Church this Sunday b/c Jacob has been so sick with yet ANOTHER double ear-infection! This time has been terrible...3/4 days with a fever-YUCK! Glad to see you all are doing good!

Jennifer said...

Ok, so the fanning with palm leaves is hilarious! My girls were just inadvertantly poking people ahead of and behind us in church with theirs! Oh, and by the way I loved the movie Fireproof...excellent!!

Kurtosis said...

Hey Brian, too bad the picture posted doesn't show the rollerblades you're wearing that match your cute PJ's,