Thursday, May 13, 2010

My birthday breakfast!

This morning Owen asked me to stay in my room until he called me. He said he was going to make me something. Owen knocked on my door and told me breakfast was served! :) Owen called it peanut butter oreo sandwich. It was 2 pieces of wheat toast smothered with peanut butter on both slices with 4 double stuffed oreo's inside. YUMMY! Like any good mother I tasted it and LOVED it! ha I hear another knock and here comes Miles with a plate in his hand. He created a sandwich too for me! It was a slice of wheat toast with a blob of strawberry jam with fruity marshmallows on top with 3 double stuffed oreo's stacked on that.

I am pretty lucky to have such creative chefs around here! They were sooo proud! They got the idea for breakfast in bed when daddy served me on Mother's Day. How sweet are my guys! I love my boys.


Tiffany said...

Learning by example - that's awesome!

khepworth said...

Happy Birthday!!!
You can't go wrong with an oreo sandwich. YUM.

Kara said...

Oh, that's beyond CUTE CC!
Happy Birthday!