Monday, April 26, 2010

Throw away the toys?! It's tempting...

This is what my boys do most of the days when we are stuck inside. They dump ALL their organized bins into one mass pile and just play with the buckets!

So here is Miles shooting baskets with his homemade basketball goal! SWOOSH, in it goes! Owen says, "You really are the king of basketball!" and Miles replies by saying, "Oh yeah BABY!"

Can I just say I LOVE MY JOB!!!

*The picture is bad b/c of the lighting but their are 6 buckets on top of one another!


Tiffany said...

cute - the toys that are the most fun usually aren't toys...makes me want to pitch them & let their imaginations go! :)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force said...

I love the idea. I think you are always better off making homemade toys than spending a ton of money at the stores for inferior products. Kudos!