Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy May Day!

This afternoon the boys made our neighbors May day baskets! They colored, put stickers on them, and filled them with candy. The guy who installed our door couldn't believe that this is still being done! He thought it was cute to see how excited the boys were about knocking and hiding! haha

Do you do May day baskets with your children and if you do leave a comment so we can check out your baskets!

Today we had our storm door installed and a soft water system. We are just waiting on the fenced in back yard!! I can't wait to have a backyard this summer. Oh and the grass is barely poking through the ground but it is one step closer!

Enjoy your weekend! I don't know about you but my May weekends are FULL already! Busy times ahead.

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Kara said...

Hey CC-
I love May Day baskets but have yet to do them with Audrey- maybe next year!