Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lila Update

On Tuesday we drove to Omaha to see our OB specialist. We got to see our little Lila. She is super cute just look at that profile! The boys were excited to be able to tell me where her nose, eyes, and hands were. We will be 24 weeks on Saturday. She is 1 lb. 6oz. and is healthy. God is Good!

I still have placenta previa and her head is resting on the placenta. The placenta is also attached to my scar tissue and it's called placenta accreta. They won't know how deep the attachment is until the delivery of the placenta at birth. We go see the Dr. again on Dec. 8Th and if at that time we still have placenta previa I will be on bed rest.

In the sonogram picture you can see her on the left side and then you see a line (that is the scar tissue) then you see black open space which is more uterus. So the scar tissue has walled off a portion of my uterus. I hope seeing a picture can help you understand more. It is hard to explain.

We are praying everyday that I don't start bleeding and that she can stay inside until term! I can't say thanks enough to all of you praying for Lila!! My heart longs to hold this little girl in my arms and watch her grow up to become a beautiful woman. The love that I have for her is so powerful and it keeps me grounded each and every day. I am thankful for god, family, and friends in my daily life!


khepworth said...

oh, you're pulling on my heart strings. Sincerely, so glad things are going well.

Luv you guys. xoxo

{Darcy} said...

What a precious little girl! I love her little nose. Thinking about you guys a lot...hang in there!

Ellie said...

She is darling...just like her parents :-)! Can't wait to see you all Saturday-early.

carolm said...

so glad everything is ok courtney. i cannot wait to see her out of the uterus.