Thursday, February 5, 2009

It was too quiet

Last weekend Brian and I wanted some mommy, daddy time after the boys woke up. It was around 7am on Sat. morning and I told Brian to turn on cartoons and give them each a bowl of Lucky Charms. The boys were being fantastic, no whining, no knocking, no fighting. We had a relaxing hour of peace, so we thought!! When I went to the living room I found choc. kiss wrappers everywhere, 2 yogurt containers, 2 yogurt tubes, and a pile of Lucky Charms on my couch. Miles was mumbling something about marshmallows and I was thinking we don't have any?! Oh yes we did, they were in the box of Lucky Charms. I went over to the mound of cereal and realized the boys had eaten ALL the marshmallows!! Brian and I couldn't believe it. Miles was running over b/c he didn't want me to throw them away and was grabbing fistfuls of cereal and then just decided to face plant so he could get a couple more bites before I threw it away.

Peaceful hour turned into cleaning for 30 min!


carolm said...

oh courtney. i love the stories you post about the boys. too cute.

xox ~ carol

Melissa said...

gotta love the sneakiness

Kurtosis said...

what exactly is "mommy and daddy time" anyway?

Just curious. Rock on

khepworth said...

Ha! Love it.