Thursday, September 18, 2008

Owen's 1st Day of Preschool

Oh my goodness I can't believe my lil' dude is headed off to preschool. He is very excited as you can see. When I was taking the pics he was doing his goofy smile so I asked him, "Owen what are you excited about preschool?" He bowed his head and began to pray, " I am excited to learn my ABC's!, amen" A little background to the prayer thing is every night before bed we have been trying to get him to say his own prayer. We say, "Owen what made you happy today?" He normally says he is happy for whatever was for supper. He will pray, " I am happy for chicken nuggets, amen" Too cute!

Here is a pic of him showing off his backpack that mommy picked out for him. (Look this will be the only year I can get away with this so..... Yes, God made you special was the one!!) He will look back and LOVE this! :)
My camera is fixed, SU stamps are here, and my husband will be away! WARNING! Blogging will be EVERYDAY this next week!


carolm said...

owen is soooo cute courtney! these years will speed by for you. take Lots! of pictures.

is that floating baby sucking his thumb?

xoxo ~ carol.

khepworth said...

What a CUTIE! Love the prayer story. And you have new stamps? LUCKY!

Tiffany said...

Yeah! You're back....with your camera :)