Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little bit of everything about all of us

I haven't been blogging b/c my camera is dead and my battery charger isn't charging. Ugh. That means a trip to Manhattan and another purchase.

I do have the cutest pics of Owen going to preschool!! He was so cute and he was the first Rising Star of his class! I am one proud mama :)

Miles on the other hand has taken a couple of steps backwards now that Owen isn't protecting him. The other day at Young mom's bible study he cried and was super sad b/c I was leaving him.

As for me I was able to hear the babies heartbeat today for the first time!! It is so emotional for me. I feel relieved but still scared. I pray for a healthy baby! I will be having an ultrasound next month so I look forward to seeing the baby.

Brian is getting excited about his vacation. Brian's father, uncle, and himself will be in Red Cliff Colorado for four days. Brian is most excited about driving his uncle's M715 up a mountain. (Say a prayer that he returns safely with all his limbs)


carolm said...

can't wait to see pix of the kids courtney. that floaty baby thing is wild. it will be fun watching it grow.

xoxo ~ carol.
ps. still waiting for my convention card!

Tiffany said...

hmmmm....I just remembered you said that hubby went to Best Buy on Sunday....can't believe you didn't make him pick you up a new battery for the camera :)

Tiffany said...

hmmm...I just remember our conversation yesterday...and you mentioning your hubby went to Best Buy...and he didn't get you a camera battery...even though you were making his favorite lasagna??? :) :) :)

Kanani said...

I want pictures!!! Get your camera fixed.

Owen is finally in school and mommy gets a little break. I bet he LOVES it. I bet you LOVE it.

I hope your feeling well!