Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chemo is OVER!!

It has been pretty busy around here lately now that I don't feel sick.  My last treatment of chemo was April 27th!  I was suppose to have one more treatment but they found a blood clot from my elbow to my shoulder.  I am now going to the hospital DAILY for Lovenox injections in my stomach and legs.  They have also moved my surgery date to June 6th instead of July.  I am excited about the surgery date but not the surgery itself.  I am nervous and scared but in the end this is the best decision. 

I will have a skin saving double mastectomy and removal of the nipples and then they will put in tissue expander's. The reconstruction surgery can take between 2 to 3 hours and they say it is extremely painful.  Ugh...  I believe the children will go to Manhattan to be cared for by Grandma JJ.  I will have family here to help me with my care.  I will have draining tubes to monitor for awhile.  I am hoping that I will be able to attend my Relay for Life here in Marysville on the 15th but we will see.

The next surgery will be a robotic hysterectomy and that will be done at the end of the summer.  That surgery takes an hour to complete.  My oncologist has recommended this because of my onco type test.  My test showed an intermediate risk for recurrence of cancer so we are going to take this to prevent another cancer.

The last surgery is called DIEP or Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery flap and it will take 12+ hours in the operating room.  This is a very time consuming surgery b/c they have to reattach the blood vessels.  I went with this option for many reasons but the main reason is because it is permanent.  Instead of implants they will use my skin and fat of my abdomen and move it to my chest creating breasts.  I know it is AMAZING what my Dr.'s can do!  What is not to look forward to :)  I will have new breasts, flat stomach, and 2 tattoos GONE!!

Oh and my hair is coming back in and so I will be feeling like a new woman before Christmas!

Please continue to pray for strength and healing during these surgeries.  I am confident in my Dr.'s and the teams at KU but nervous about the healing and pain as you can imagine.  However I am ready to feel "normal" again and look forward to these steps being completed. 

Thank you for your continued prayers, calls, cards, food, etc. I am one BLESSED MAMA!!


welcome! said...

You have been through quite a journey girl. You are so strong and brave and are such a fighter!! Praying that God will bless you and your family and give you strength through all that is to come your way! Love you dearly Court!!

Kylee said...

I am so glad to hear that chemo is done!! Praying hard for you through all the surgeries for quick recovery and that you can remain calm and in good spirits.

Elisabeth said...

Praying for you, so glad you don't have to have anymore of that yucky stuff. Praying you feel like a new woman before Christmas :)

Tiffany said...

So happy that chemo is done for you!!! Will be praying for quick healing as you go through 3 surgeries/recoveries! You are amazing girl!

Chelsie said...

Courtney, you are blowing me away. I read your posts and *I* feel encouraged. Your positive attitude shows through! I continue to pray for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,
I have been following your story. Congrats on finishing the chemo. If you ever have any questions about your upcoming surgeries, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm a RN w/over 20 years experience in the OR.

Unknown said...

So happy that the chemo is done, what a strong, faithful woman you are. God is right there beside you, His warm arms are wrapped around you, your love and children and He will continue to give you strength.

Jeremiah 30:17 The Lord has declared that He will restore me to health and heal my wounds.

Isaiah 58:8
My light shall break forth like the morning, and my healing shall spring forth speedily.

Hugs to you...:o)