Friday, April 15, 2011

Screen-Free Week-Ready or Not

We are going to be participating in our 1st screen-free week and let me tell you I am a little nervous!
Just a couple days back I told Owen he needed to play outside and put the wii away and he pouted all the way to the door and then shouted, "This is the WORST day of his life!"  So I am planning ahead and thinking of projects to do so we don't have any meltdowns! Wish us luck! 

Here is some startling information regarding our children and screen time.  Oh and please know that I am one mom who really needs to work on this.  Since having cancer I have let them sit in front of the TV for WAY too much time.   This will be really good for our family and I am pretty excited to have some fun play time with the children and hubby!

I am praying for nice weather so we can do some field trips outside but here are some of the projects we will be doing.

1.  Put a  puzzle together
2.  Go to the trail with the bicycles
3.  Go to the ball field and practice playing t-ball
4.  Visit the Library
5.  Do some crafts

Please link up if you will be participating and what you will be doing to occupy your children!
I look forward to all the ideas!



Monica Riggs said...

I love this, though Tenley is only 6 months old, I am already SUPER paranoid about her seeing to much tv...I have it on during the day for news and that is about it (other than her nap time) Good luck with the week and we are praying for good weather for you!

Tiffany said...

Good luck Courtney! I hope the weather cooperates so you can have an easy & fun week!

Julie said...

Wow. I love your outlook on this and hope you do have some wonderful, intentional time with your kids and hubby. There are hard seasons and situations where we have had the TV on way too much too and it takes effort to cut it back to what it should be. I don't know much about your situation/cancer story, but I will pray for you right now.

Amy said...

You are a brave woman:)
I bet though (especially if the weather is nice), the week will go by so fast. For my kids, it only takes a day of no video games for them to sort of forget they want to play.
Good luck!