Thursday, March 17, 2011


Why, because God created me just that way! 

I think it is funny that some (a small group) of peope think that you can't be loud, extrovert, and sometimes obnoxious and not be a christian.  Doesn't that surprise you!?   It does me.   I remember one time at a church many years ago we had to fill out a survey about where our needs would best be met.  The lady that was seeing where they should place me looked up and said to me, "I am surprised by your answers I didn't realize you had such a strong faith?"  To this day I can't get that statment out of my mind.  I was shocked, stunned, amazed that someone of her cailber would say such a thing.  I mean she didn't really know me personally.  I do like to have fun and I am loud and I say it like it is but I can't change ME that is DNA genetics and frankly wouldn't change! 

My faith in God has only increased with each obsticle my family and I have faced.  I can't imagine walking through life and not hearing the Holy Spirit that we each have inside of us.  I didn't realize my Holy Spirit was even talking to me until I lost Graycee then in reflection realized God was talking to me to prepare me for the upcoming loss of Graycee (stillborn at 38 weeks).  I also told you about the time where he was preparing me for breast cancer.  I hope and pray that each one of you can find your Holy Spirit!  It is a powerful tool that I reach for, listen to, and react to almost on a daily basis.  So yes I am fighting cancer but I am just as excited to see what God has in store for me at the end of this journey and that is exciting!

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you Acts 1:8

Does that mean I am perfect, absolutely NOT!  I put my foot in my mouth CONSTANTLY, I lose patience with my children, I cuss sometimes, and I told Brian that Cancer SUCKS, but that doesn't mean I am not Christian.  I know when I have fallen off and I work on getting back on that fence.  Here are some tools that I use to get back on.  These tools really help me get back on track and I know that when I am currently doing these activities that my attitude has changed, I am more patient, I am watching my words. I hope these help you too!

1. Read the bible
2. Look up verses that will help me
3. Read christian books
4. Start/Join a bible study
5. Right now I am reading Standing Up For Your Child without stepping on toes by Vicki Caruana! (See I know my faults and try to prepare myself in how to handle the situation in a christian manner! :)



Becky - stampin' and sewin' in the tulip city said...

Love your post today! One thing I find very helpful is to meet on a regular basis with someone. I have a friend that we have been meeting sometimes weekly, sometimes biweekly and reading the Bible and other Christian books that we discuss and we share prayer requests with each other.

You and your family are in my prayers!

khepworth said...

Amen! Well said.

Casey's Cooking said...

Right there with ya sista!

Tiffany said...

I love it AND your big personality :) I have witnessed your faith grow over the past several years - you amaze me with your positive attitude through all your challenges. Love ya girl!

My tools are similar to yours!
Read the Bible, Prayer, Scripture Memory, Fellowship with other Christian Women, Daily devotions & Studies!

Anonymous said...

Courtney your personality is so genetic but I love it because it is part of me as well!!! We can't help the way we are LOL!!!! I love this post and so loved your TV interview! Made me cry but in a good way!!

Unknown said...

Great post :) I use GREAT praise and worship music. I cut secular music out of my life completely years ago. I listen to it every day. It puts me in the mood to "worship" and be thankful! BIG HUGS!

welcome! said...

Your AWESOME!!! I love reading your blog-your such an inspiration!!