Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 7-Pantry

Day #7 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Pantry)

Well I was off to a good start then the news hit on Friday so I was really unmotivated to do anything and I mean anything.  Laundry, cook, clean, etc.  Luckily my mother and father in law came to town and helped me take down Christmas, make supper, and helped me organize the pantry and cabinets.  So I am a couple days behind but will catch up soon!

This isn't my pantry but a really disorganized cabinet that holds all types of food.  Oh and the best part was finding 3 yes 3 candy bars.  I am one to hide chocolate from my children and eat it DAILY :) I have such a weakness for chocolate. I am still working on my pantry and will post pics later but for now enjoy the look of the clean cabinet.  Thanks Janis and Frank for all your help!!!

Thank you all for the prayers!!  I have an amazing support network of family and friends and feel sooo blessed!


Tiffany said...

You did wonderful Courtney!! Very neat :) Enjoy the candy bars - I hide mine in the freezer, hehe.

Kylee said...

That looks wonderful!!!

Lori said...

looks great and totally understandable reason to feel like saying stop the world I want to get off for a few days. good for you for getting back into the game

Unknown said...

That is one great looking cabinet!! I cleaned out Jacob's dresser the other night (the sock drawer had NEVER been done)....oh the teeny tiny baby socks I found! Made me want another baby till I walked out into the living room and they were screaming at each other:) By the way, I'm praying right along with you!