Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super AW-esome gift

I now have 2 boys in school which means lots of Christmas parties, gifts, treat bags, etc. In Owen's class of 15 there is a set of twins, 2 sets of cousins, and only 3 girls so those helpers/teacher have their HANDS FULL!  We are very thankful that they volunteer their time to help all the students! THANK YOU LADIES!

I chose a 2 liter bottle of AW soda, a bag of chocolate, and a Pizza Hut gift card. This idea is from eighteen25 and I tweaked it a bit.


khepworth said...

Cute idea. I might need to borrow it! :)

welcome! said...

I seen those on someones blog, soo cute!! I'm gonna have to steal that idea from you ;) Have a Merry Christmas!!

Muhammad Atif said...

These are Super AWE some gifts for any type of occasion.