Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lila update+amnio procedure

Brian and I drove up to Omaha on Sunday morning after church and spent some quality time together! I thought it was going to be my "last" meal before the c-section so I picked Cheesecake Factory! It was sooo delicious. We then went back to the hotel room to relax and watch some football. I couldn't sleep so I watched TV, painted my toes, emailed, etc. I was so nervous about 1)amniocentesis 2)Having a c-section. Both of those are new to me.

My amniocentesis was at 9am and our Dr. told us we needed the results to be 55 or higher for her lungs to be mature so we could deliver. Brian and I prayed together and then they began the procedure. Let me tell you this procedure was NOT worth losing sleep over. It was all over within 45 seconds! Brian was taking pictures and the Dr. was wanting to give detail by detail instructions and I just kept my head focused on Lila and watching her on the sonogram machine. The needle went in my stomach (which was painless) then through my uterus (OUCH) this part was painful but seconds later he was done! It was just a sharp pinch then it was over!

We left the Dr.'s office and went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up some books for the boys. We bought Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Corduroy by Don Freeman! These books are classic and should be on the shelves of your home! They were also featuring a book called Lyla the Lovesick Ladybug by Joe Troiano and Susan Banta. I had to pick it up b/c of the ladybug's name! :) Just spelled differently.

Brian by then was STARVING and I had the pleasure to sit with him as he ate Panera Bread. Talk about torture! The phone rang and the nurse said it wasn't good news. My heart immediately sunk and I was sad to know that we weren't going to deliver that day. The amniocentesis levels needed to be 55 or higher and Lila's were 36. We went over to the Dr.'s office and asked some questions and he told us that we would have to deliver on Feb. 16Th at NOON. We have to look at the big picture and now he has to worry about me having complications if we don't deliver soon. We are praying that I don't start bleeding, have more contractions, or start labor.

I am not upset with the Dr.'s decision as I know that I will do whatever it takes to get her here healthy and alive!!! Besides what is another week on bed rest when you have been on it as long as I have! :) Please continue to pray for Lila and I.


As of January 25Th the ultrasound showed Lila weighing 4 lbs. 15 oz. What do you think she will weigh at birth? *If you want to change your answer then post again under this post otherwise I will carry over your guess from the previous post! :)*

Graycee weighed 5lbs. 8 oz.
Owen weighed 6lbs. 14 oz.
Miles weighed 6lbs. 15 oz.

What is your guess? Good luck! I will send 1 bottle of homemade vanilla extract to the person who has the closest guess for her weight. (US residents only)


Kara said...

Oh CC! What a story!
Enjoy these last days of bed rest!! I wish I could come be on bed rest with you- I'd take the chair and you can have the couch!!

Tiffany said...

I hope this week speeds by for you Court! I agree with Kara - would love to come be a bed rest buddy :) We three could have some fun!

Jennifer said...

I say 5lbs 4oz. Hope all goes well.

{Darcy} @stanleyfamilyinthemaking.blogspot.com said...

Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad the little gal looks good and weighs nearly 5 lbs! By the way, the 16th is a great day to have a baby--it's Mardi Gras!!


Linda S said...

5 pounds 4 ounces! Praying for you all!

Linda S said...

Oh, wait...someone else guessed that. I'll go with 5 pounds 6 ounces