Sunday, January 17, 2010

We are getting ready for Lila

So we have FINALLY ordered the essentials for Lila and her sweet nursery. Brian and I have always waited until the last second (so it seems) to purchase stuff b/c of our previous experiences with losing 2 children. Returning items and them asking you why/ what was wrong with the product is too hard on both of us. So here is to hoping sweet Lila comes on Feb. 8Th healthy!

We have our last appt. next Monday and look forward to seeing Lila again. The last time we went she was 4lbs. and had hair on her head which was SUPER exciting!! Jill my blog friend sent me a project on how to make hair barrettes so you can bet on seeing LOTS of bows in her hair. Brian is eye rolling me now :) We will be going on Feb. 8Th at 9am for an amniocentesis and if her lungs are mature then we will have a c-section at 2pm. I am praying she is ready but if not then we will repeat the amnio on the 15Th.

Here are some essentials for Lila and myself that we have purchased so far.
1. Nursing cover
2. Nursery bedding with matching paint :)
3. Lila hanger (etsy find) I couldn't resist!
4. Mother-ease cloth diapers (I used these diapers for both boys and thought they were the best. I imagine they have only improved in the last 5 years but these are still in great shape.


Melissa said...

very cute bedding! I love it. I cant wait to hold lil Miss Lila, and hug her sweet mama. I want to see the barrettes too.

khepworth said...

dang! You'll never guess what...i just ordered a nursing cover for you. I thought for sure you wouldn't have one.

Oh well. I will have to come up with something else.

Love the bedding! How fun to shop for a girl.

Angie said...

I love my nursing cover! It is from Udder Covers but it looks the same. Came in handy when pumping in the NICU. Love the bedding, and you can't have too many bows!!!!