Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey, we have to wash our cars too

Brian and I were talking about washing the van and cleaning it out. It is one of those pesky things about mini vans. Everything goes in it and nothing comes out. Am I the only one??

Owen and Miles decided to wash their cars too. I plan on having them do this every other week. They had so much fun playing with water, cleaning with bubbles, and most of all GETTING ALONG! People always say, "Oh they are so close in age they are going to be BEST FRIENDS!" Okay so when does this really happen? They had soo much fun it was really cute to see them working hard on their vehicles. Enjoy the pics.

See they are upstairs right now yelling at each other. Okay one is coming downstairs crying while the other keeps repeating, sorry, sorry, sorry, etc. This is so exhausting.


khepworth said...

Way to start them early! You should see how they like scrubbing the kitchen floor....

My boys, like yours have a love hate relationship. One minute they're so sweet, the next they're ripping each others heads off. Yes, exhausting is the right word.

Auntie E said...

Cutest nephews ever!!!! Love those boys. Hey, are they available to work on my van :-). I'd be glad to drive it over.

carolm said...

your boys are so cute courtney. i wish someone would wash my car.