Sunday, May 31, 2009

The cousins came to visit!

My boys were so excited to see their cousins this weekend. We went to the zoo, had a picnic, and played a lot outside. Here are some highlights. When I was snapping the fountain picture they each were wishing for things to come true. The cutest wishes were for a pet turtle and for superman glasses to wear! Brian went to Pamida and purchased this slip and slide. As you can tell from the pics that was a HUGE hit! Thank you Parker, Gavin, and Clark; we had a BLAST! Come again soon :)


Unknown said...

Parker, Gavin and Clark had so much fun at your home and with your precious boys, my adorable nephews :-). Thanks for being a great aunt and a wonderful sister in law!!!

Melissa said...

SO CUTE! Looks like everybody had a great time.