Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Fun

The boys have been wanting to go bowling for a while now so we went to Pinsetters on Sat. evening. The boys had so much fun. At first they would let us help push the ball down the lane and then after they got the hang of it they would do it themselves. The top speed for the boys was 1.4 miles! The top bowler of the night was me partly b/c Brian was more interested in his speed than knocking down pins. He would say Okay this is going to be over 25 miles. I love the pic that I took with him concentrating on his form and speed, too cute! We had a great time and enjoyed family night!

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Unknown said...

Ahh, too cute! I can't wait till we can do that with the kids:) I'm afraid that Jacob would be taking off down the lane to go get the pins! Looks like you all had a great to you soon!