Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have you hugged a tree lately?

The weekend before Christmas we went tree shopping in Washington Kansas. I know I was a little behind but their were acres of trees and we chose the best lookin' one. The boys had so much fun. I love the pic of them hugging their Christmas tree. The man who came down to chop the tree down had a real chuckle with Owen. He lifted the tree and was carrying it to his truck as Owen was saying "Wow, you have big muscles you are Strong!" He nearly dropped the tree b/c he was laughing so hard. It was very cute. I love the pic of the tree smashed in between the boys. They had so much fun. We will have to make this a tradition.


khepworth said...

So cute! And so fun to go cut down your own tree. We have a fake one that I am ready to be done with.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...