Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4-Linen Closet=Toy Closet

Day #4 Challenge (The Linen Closet)

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND HELP WITH MY POLL!  I am having a hard time knowing what to do with those leapster cartridge boxes.  Thank you in advance!

Well I don't have a linen closet.  We will eventually put the toys downstairs in the playroom when that is finished and this will be the linen closet. 

So last month Brian and I spent 3 hours on this darn room.  We were able to donate 2 boxes of toys and throw away 1 1/2 bags of trash.  I am one mama who needs desperately to work on accountability!!  I have days that I make them do their chores and other days that I was okay with them just throwing the toys in the closet as long as it closed.  :(  Well no more of that!  We have kept the bottom half of the closet cleaned and organized for over a month now!!  Today I worked on the top shelf that needed to be organized. 

I am LOVING, LOVING this challenge and as you can see with all these pics this house NEEDED this badly!  I feel great and less stressed.  Thank you so much Toni!

*I have several people asking how I created the labels for the tubs.  I wanted the children to be able to put their own toys away even if they didn't know how to read.  It is amazing to see children know logos/symbols and relate them to toys!  I went to google dot com and typed in lego logo etc.  and printed them out and taped them.  This has been one of the best things I have done! 

 Top Shelf
After- Top Shelf

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Pamela said...

Courtney, I want to hire you to come do my house when you are done with yours! (Seems easier than doing it myself.) I will pay handsomely....

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Lori said...

looks great and your kids will appreciate the accountability even if they don't always seem it

Kristen said...

Looks good! I need to do this for my kids - we clean clean clean the toy loft but nothing ever gets put away. Maybe those labels would help!

welcome! said...

Wow!! Thats something I need to be doing around my house!

Sally said...

You're doing great! Wow. Thanks for following. I voted in your Leapster poll. I'm faced with the same dilemma, and I think I've just made my decision! :)

IHeart Organizing said...

Whoop whoop! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing with us this week!

Sandy - Organize with sandy said...

Not being real familiar with the leapster games.. I am not sure what kind of boxes they are in.
If they are in cardboard and the cart. has the pic and name of the game on it.. I would get rid of the box and store them in a clear shoe box to organize them.
If they have plastic cases they come in, I would keep those and store them in it. If they fit, then the same clear shoebox bin might work there too.
Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!
Hope to see you back.
Great job on the closet!