Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2-Computer Desk

Front View-Before

Side View

Yuck!  Dust bunnies!


Challenge #2 - Your computer desk (top only)

Well our computer desk is currently in our bedroom temporarily.  We will be moving it downstairs when we have that organized.  Eek...  That will take a good couple of months. 

As I was taking everything off to wipe down I found a gray bunny not really but jeez!  I lay my head down just a couple of feet from that.  This morning Brian saw the challenge but didn't see the TOP ONLY and said finally the box will be gone.  Oh sorry, bubba maybe next challenge :)  Thankfully!  That box is full of papers, odds and ends that will take me at least  2 1/2 hours to go through.  

A couple of things needed for computer desk is:

1.  Pencil/pen holder
2.  Drawer organizer like Toni for the ipods, address labels, etc.


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Amanda said...

great job!!

Cheryl said...

Looking good!

Tiffany said...

2 days down :) Good job!

Catherine said...

Much cleaner! Great work.

. said...

I had cleaned mine off a couple weeks ago and found the same thing, don't feel ashamed! :)

Unknown said...

You did great! Hey the giveaway is for the printable pdf files and not the laminated board. Best of luck!