Saturday, January 17, 2015's just a weekend!

NO! Oh Brian, you have the wrong idea! It's not just a weekend! This is a group of ladies from all around the globe getting together to eat, craft, talk, shop, more crafts, more talking, and lasting friendships! My husband doesn't get this at all! Sooo, the excitement that has been building is that I will be attending...
I sent an email in October of 2011 to be placed in the lottery drawing for my name to be picked! It has been a long time but I am beyond excited to meet Megan, Kimberlee, and the ladies. One of my dearest friends, Abby will be joining me!! 
Don't worry, Brian! I have everything you are going to need for the weekend. I made Brian an itinerary for the weekend! :) I think with this plan of action I can make myself unavailable and really connect and enjoy the relaxing weekend, right?!

I will post LOTS of pics next week! Cheers to having a WHATEVER weekend!