Monday, January 12, 2015

It's organzing month!

Organizing is one of those words that bring me great anxiety.  You would know why if you have ever seen my basement! For me the basement was the place to pile, stack ,and box up everything that didn't have a place upstairs.  However, after 10 years our basement looked like a clip of hoarders.  We had a toy chest that the boys hadn't opened since they were 3 and 4! Thankfully we had some great help with our friends.  We purged about 1/2 of the junk in the basement but still have many boxes to go though. It's a work in progress and I believe each year we are getting better and better at organizing.  Right, Brian?! He would totally disagree with that last statement. LOL

I need an accountability partner! Do you? Let's partner up!

A couple of years ago I found this blog and it really has changed my way of thinking and I have kept up with a lot of the changes she has suggested! Toni is currently doing another 14 week organizing challenge. Go check it out!

Here is the schedule.

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