Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sermon Sunday

Yes ME!  I know this comes as a shock to some of you but yes I did the sermon on Sunday!  We called it Adventures in Mommyhood and it was two parts.  The first part regarding my cancer and the second part was the adventures of mommyhood. 

I talked about the new word that I have been using since I have found out about cancer.  The word  BEATIFIC means displaying great happiness, calmness and I want to be seen with a beatific smile. :) I also talked about how God prepared me for this journey, you can find the post here.

I also had photographs of the boys making food and creating a big mess but having a blast.  Then I created a top 5 list.

5 Games Children want to play instead of Chutes and Ladders

1.  You'll never guess what I'm going to bring into the house!  (We had 2 wolf spiders, 2 butterflies, and 1 caterpillar)

2.  Let's see how long we can say MOMMY!  (Oh so many times I can't count them all)

3.  Let me tell you when I'm full (Lila throws her food in 1 BIG sweeping motion)

4.  Guess what I just put in my mouth (Lego, paper, food, goldfish, sock)

5.  Bet I can reach what you think I can't! (getting step stool, climbing on counter, reaching for the toy that is ON TOP of the refrigerator in time out!)

It made me nervous and excited to stand up and share my stories but in the end I had a great time and thought it was successful!


Amy said...

and a GREAT sermon it was! Funny and enlightening! YOu did a GREAT job!!

Anonymous said...

We gave it a million thumbs up!!! Toni

Tiffany said...

I would have loved to have been there Court! I'm sure you did great!

Diane said...

You brave woman!! Sounds like you did an awesome job. Been thinking so much about you, girl. You're attitude is awesome and catching...keep on keeping on!

Kara said...

This is so neat Courtney! I wish I could have been there! I'm sure you did an amazing job!