Monday, May 23, 2011

How could you NOT want one

The boys are loving the mail they have been receiving lately!  I sent out an email/facebook that the boys are coloring on luminaries in honor or memory of someone.  The other day my dear friend Pixie sent a letter to the boys and Owen could read almost all of it.  He was so excited!  Here is a picture of his luminary in honor of his mommy :)  I love how he puts talking bubbles in his pictures. 

Luminaries are $10 per bag and YOU still have time to send the boys a letter.  Please make checks payable to Marshall County Relay for Life and address the envelope with Carpenter Children. You can also make an online donation by simply clicking on my Courtney's Crusader button on the left side of my blog.

My relay for life is the second weekend in June and I am speaking.  I am nervous but also excited to share my story. 


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