Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Owen's 1st Day of KINDERGARTEN

We have been preparing all summer for Owen to start kindergarten and today was the DAY! Last night before bed we read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and gave him a watch that matches his backpack. We kept telling the boys to shut off the light and get to sleep but I think they were too excited for school to start!

Owen is wearing a red/blue polo, skull/crossbones jeans, and his light up puma's. He looks soo handsome.

I loved this pic of Owen running to me! That has to be one of the best feelings in the world!

So we get into the van and I asked Owen the following questions...

1. How was your day? Owen says, It was GREAT!
2. What did you think of your teacher? Owen says, Oh she is pretty! (Oh jeez)
3. Did you have fun playing in the flour? Owen says, YES we all got really dirty and got in the shower and put our clothes in the dryer!

4. What did you say? (As I turn the volume to the radio to OFF!) We took showers as our dirty clothes were drying!

5. What about the other kids/girls in your class? Owen says, Mom we took turns nobody saw me naked!

So I get home and call a friend who has a son in the same class and her son says, We dusted off outside

I call the school and ask for the teacher and proceed to tell her what Owen says as she is BUSTING A GUT!!! She said that has to be one the FUNNIEST stories but NO it is NOT TRUE!!

I confront Owen and he says, Mom I made up a funny story so you would laugh and you were laughing on the phone!!!

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS NEXT!!?? Can you believe this is how the 1st day of kindergarten went!!!!!???? What is next?


Tiffany said...

Still laughing - he is such a story teller :)

khepworth said...

THat is awesome!

carolm said...

good one, owen!!! keeps ya on your toes. enjoy these days, they will speed by so quickly. xoxo ~ carol.

Lori said...

that is way too funny. When I was a kindergarten teacher I often told the parents that they should believe half of what their children say about they day and I will do the same for what they say about home