Friday, March 25, 2011

Lila loves...

her baby dolls!!

I can tell you this girl stuff is soo much fun! I have had a blast playing dress up with her too.
Here are some adorable pics of Lila playing with her dolls. She is such a cuddly little gal and loves caring for her babies. She will be an amazing mom one day!  Here she is practicing! :)

Oh and the cradle is mine that my grandmother Joan had made for me years ago. I am thankful that my dad kept this so I could pass it down to my daughter. I am hoping next time grandma comes to visit I can have her paint Lila's name on it too.

 This is my favorite picture of her!
 Blowing a kiss to her baby.
 Patting her babies back.
 Pressing her babies belly to hear the baby giggle.
 Hugging her baby!
 Rocking her baby.
I think we have another child with an eye fetish! Ha!


Tiffany said...

Adorable! Can't wait to see her this weekend ;) She definitely looks like she has the mothering instinct...minus the eye gouging... Zoe does the same thing...only to baby sister!

khepworth said...

What a cutie you have! Those pics are so sweet. And the eye gouging.....she definitely gets that from Brian. :)

welcome! said...

What a sweetie!!!!

Sandi (Meme) said...

She's growing up - and SO adorable!

Kara said...

Ohhh! She's getting so big and is just adorable!

Unknown said...

SO SWEET! Can't wait to get her and Blakely together to play! SO HAPPY we got to chat yesterday! BLESSINGS!